3-D structure of DNA

Paralee PK paraleepk at aol.com
Thu Sep 10 07:04:47 EST 1998

Yes, you are right.  I need to work out all the possible structures and then
develop an approach to select the correct one.  I'm sorry I didn't proffer any
ideas earlier.  I was just trying to get it out there and get a response--
didn't know how long it would take to get help.-- while I was working on it
myself.  Yes, we are supposed to research it out in the lit and texts.

Why do you think NMR/2-DNOE is inadequate?  I've had another response that NMR
should do it all.  My teacher seems to lead us to 2-D NOE.

I was going to work out the possible structures, then use a selective enzyme
for single stranded DNA to confirm that there were loops running a gel to see
if it was broken and if so into how many pieces to narrow down the options
before moving to the next thing.

Thanks for your help.  May I continue to ask you questions as I work through


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