Virtual Reality in drug design

Dr C Sansom csansom at
Fri Sep 11 06:43:14 EST 1998


Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who replied to my post about
articles for Nature Biotechnology.  The first article, on molecular
modelling, provisionally titled "Extending the boundaries of molecular
modeling", should be published in the October issue.  I'll get back to
those people who specifically wanted to talk about bioinformatics when I
know when the editors will be needing that article. 

That is not all, tho': I have another request.  I edit a regular feature
in "The Biochemist" (the magazine of the UK's Biochemical Society, which
goes out free to all 8000-odd members).  This is called "The Cyber-
biochemist": each article features a new or interesting development in
computing which we hope will interest non-specialist biochemists. I may
either write or commission articles. 

I am intending to feature the uses of Virtual Reality in drug discovery
(current or potential) for the next issue, which has a deadline of the end
of this month. I would be very interested in any potential contributions. 
I would be happy to talk by phone, but you may prefer just to send me your
thoughts, sample Web pages or reviews by email.  Alternatively - if anyone
would like to *write* a short piece on this subject for the Biochemist,
it's not too late.... 

The "rules" of the Cyberbiochemist are very simple.  There is a fairly
strict word limit of up to 700-800 words (not including space for
references, urls and/or one diagram). Articles are to be written in an
informal style and aimed at non-specialists.  As this article will appear
in the Christmas issue, the style will be even more informal than usual ;)

Thank you very much for offers of help, in any format ;)  I must apologise
for the short notice.

Please reply by email, preferably to the address below.

Best regards,

Dr Clare Sansom
c.sansom at
Honorary Teaching Fellow, Birkbeck College, London, UK
Freelance consultant and science writer

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