Some questions about MEAD

Fernando Luis Barroso da Silva fernando at MELBA.FKEM2.LTH.SE
Tue Sep 15 10:37:26 EST 1998

  Dear ALL,

  I would like some information about MEAD program:

  (a) Is there any "good" reference for MEAD software 
      (Macroscopic Electrostatics with Atomic Detail, 
      written by D. Bashford) ?

  (b) Is there an e-mailing list about MEAD ?

  (c) I also would be very grateful if somebody can tell 
      me if MEAD works with the linearized Poisson-Boltzmann
      equation or the non-linearized form. 

  If you have been working with this software, please, drop
  me a line.

  Thanks in advance for you attention and time.

    Best regards, 



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