New Photgrapher on the block

Mike grendel at
Mon Sep 21 06:36:01 EST 1998

Je`rel Washington wrote:
> I am accepting applications for models in the bay area.  I am still
> creating my site but will be placing all original Photographic Art and
> Glamour Shots online shortly. If you are interested Contact me.
> JW
>     ---------------------------------------------------------------
>                        Moire` Photography[Image]
>                                 [Image]
>                                 [Image]
>                                 [Image]
>                 Pardon Us while we Construct this Site.
>   In the mean time we are accepting applications for Bay Area Models.
>        Male & Female: Portrait - Glamour - Swimwear & Portfolio
>        To send us email, simply catch my bird above ;-)  Enjoy !
>              We are looking forward to speaking with you.
>                    Je`rel Washington - Photographer

Why is it that the models always get the bad rep as being dolts? It
seems photographers in this field are just as stupid.


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