New Photgrapher on the block

Jonathan jgd at
Mon Sep 21 12:01:46 EST 1998

In article <360648B8.E721493C at>, James Perrin <jmperrin at>
>Yeah, I have two models you can take pictures of.  They are on all four
>and they like the new RC2000 batteries...  I just had the body repainted on one, 
>the other is kinda dinge...
>I think this dill hole was looking for any newsgroup with the word models in it.

Yeah, you'd think the word 'scale' would give it away slightly.


>Oh well more comedy in the morning never hurts.
>Brett Jaffee wrote:
>> I have about 14 models.  No one ever wanted to take pictures of them, though.
>> Is it okay if they are covered with castor oil residue?
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>> >I am accepting applications for models in the bay area.  I am still
>> >creating my site but will be placing all original Photographic Art and
>> >Glamour Shots online shortly. If you are interested Contact me.
>> >
>> >

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