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Thu Sep 24 05:10:45 EST 1998

Kurt Hoffmann wrote:
> Can someone help me in order to make the right choice between
> two Software packages from MSI (http://www.msi.com/).
> They offer the Quanta software package as well as the
> InsightII package.  The Quanta package contains some tools
> which are also included in the insightII package (i.e. Charmm).
> The modules of the Insight package are more numerous, but
> I think that the software is licensed by module.
> Therefor I'm wondering what the reasons are for this?
> Are the main interfaces of different quality?
> Are there differences in prices?
> Is this due to legal reasons after a merger between software companies?
> Can anyone help me with this issue?
> Thanks in advance,
> Kurt

Life is indeed confusing!  Quanta came from Polygen (Polygen turned into MSI)
and InsightII from Biosym (Biosym and MSI merged and kept the name MSI).

Quanta was designed originally for Protein Modelling, but now has Polymer
stuff and superb X-ray electron density fitting stuff.

InsightII was designed originally for Polymer stuff, but now has Protein stuff
available (well actually there are two versions available (i) life sciences,
or (ii) polymers).

The interfaces for Quanta and InsightII are quite different.  Here in York we
much prefer Quanta's!  

You'll need to ask msi.com about pricing.
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