Projecting molecular models in stereoscopic 3D

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Tue Jan 19 05:56:31 EST 1999

There is a new way to view HyperChem molecular models in
stereoscopic 3D on SGI workstations.  HyperChem is an integrated and
flexible molecular modeling product for chemists. It is a powerful
package with capabilities for visualizing, analyzing and simulating
molecules, and for communicating information about molecular

VRex, Inc. has a new plug-and-play 3D stereoscopic projection
system, the VR-2210 that works very well with SGI workstations
running HyperChem. The projector makes it possible for groups of
people to view HyperChem models easily and comfortably in flicker-
free stereoscopic 3D.

Displaying images in stereoscopic 3D makes it easier to see details
that are lost in ordinary 2D displays.  Stereoscopic 3D enhances "3D
rendering" by adding depth information to the perspective view.  The
result is an image that not only has 3D perspective but that also
appears to float in space inside and in front of the screen.
Stereoscopic 3D makes crystal clear which atoms are in front and
which are behind in any molecular model.

The projector is portable and uses passive polarized glasses.  It
works well for audiences of up to 200 people and can be used in
classrooms, labs, and conference settings or for any other type of
technical presentation.

For users of HyperChem 4.5 the procedure to enable stereo viewing is
simple and involves clicking the Hardware stereo check box in the
Stereo Options dialog under the Display|Rendering menu.

VRex's website is and the phone number is (914)
345-8877.  An application note that explains how to use the VR-2210
with HyperChem 4.5 for the SGI is available at  Specific
informaiton on the projector is at
2210.htm.  Also visit for other supported

If you use an application other than HyperChem 4.5 that supports
stereo, please let us know.  We will be glad to help you determine
if your application works with our projection system.

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