Michel PETITJEAN ptitjean at
Mon Jun 21 10:43:26 EST 1999

Subj: free linux softwares for modelling
A LINUX version of the following softwares is available (free):
(other free available versions: RS6000, CRAY, DEC-alpha, SGI)
CSR / common 3D motif search
ASV / van der Waals surface and volume (analytical and Monte-Carlo)
RADI / minimal sphere including a 3D molecule, also diameter (not those
       of the sphere, convex hull, ...)
Michel Petitjean,                     Email: petitjean at
ITODYS (CNRS, ESA 7086)                      ptitjean at
Remark: no windows version will be generated;
        install linux, it's free and much useful.

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