database of loop structures in proteins

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Wed Nov 17 10:38:32 EST 1999

Here are two more web resources:-

Jerome Wojcik, Jean-Paul Mornon and Jacques Chomilier (1999);
"New Efficient Statistical Sequence-dependent Structure Prediction of Short
to Medium-sized Protein Loops Based on an Exhaustive Loop Classification."
J. Mol. Biol. 289, 1469-1490

and the Loop Homology Modelling server:-

B. Oliva, P.A. Bates, E. Querol, F.X. Aviles, and M.J.E.                    
Sternberg (1997);                                     
"An automated classification of the structure of protein loops."
J. Mol. Biol. 266, 814-830 (1997)

Database on


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> Does anyone know of a database of loop structures in proteins?
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