Need Help with WHATIF in WIndows 98

Larry "Harris" Taylor divegeek at
Tue Aug 29 12:13:13 EST 2000

I am trying to run WHATIF under a windows 98 SE environment using Exceed 6.2
as an interface. Windows and Exceed have latest updates according to
vendor's web sites.

Both programs reside on the same computer.

Exceed is in c:\program files\exceed

Whatif is in c:\whatif

Both programs report successful install.

Exceed is functioning with respect to running remote hosts.

Setting exceed to local host:


the program appears to start, but stays within a DOS window ...

execution terminates with a c:> WHATIF prompt, but also

has the following error messages directly above the prompt

c-inittext could not open message file '/dbdata/messages.txt
possible configuration error in, whatif.fig or configf1.fig

If I attempt to run Whatif

I get the error message:

cannot find cygwin1.dll

The files that WHATIF cannot find are present in default installed

I have tried adding c:\whatif and c:\whatif\cgyusr  to the path command in
the autoexec.bat file and it has had no effect.

There appears to be a problem in getting WHATIF to export its output to
xterminal display
(Display has been set to localhost by vendor install config files)

Any thoughts on configuring WHATIF to find cgywin1.dll ? and to run via
Exceed under Windows98?


Larry Taylor

lpt at

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