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Felipe Pineda pineda at
Thu Nov 2 03:41:32 EST 2000

hi Anne!

why don't try JUMNA? ->

JUMNA (Junction Minimisation of Nucleic Acids). R. Lavery, K. Zakrzewska
and H. Sklenar Computer Physics Communications 91 (1995) 135-158.

there is no graphical interface but u can easily generate pdb files wich
can be visualized e.g. with rasmol, ...

best regards


Anne Simonson wrote:

> Hello,
> I wonder if anyone can direct me to some software that can be used to
> visualize, manipulate and render PDB files of RNA structures? I am
> looking for something with the following features:
> 1) Able to build up RNAs de novo, as well as manipulate existing PDB
> files.
> 2) Structures can be rendered in ribbons, CPK or other representations.
> 3) Runs on DEC Alpha workstation (running Compaq Tru64 Unix), or
> possibly SGI workstation.
> I have used the InsightII suite on an SGI, but it seems more geared
> toward modelling of proteins.
> Any suggestions would be helpful, as I am quite new to this field.
> Thank you,
> Anne Simonson
> asimonso at

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