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Wed Feb 7 05:02:26 EST 2001

<B>If you want to be financially successful, you must first find someone who<BR>
is where you want to be and duplicate what they do .</B><BR>
I am willing to teach you the secrets that I have learned in creating<BR>
financial independence given that you pass a brief qualification.<BR>
I am looking for a few motivated and teachable individuals who are ready to<BR>
start earning at least $2,000 per week right away. And a SEVEN figure<BR>
income in a 2-3 year period. Yes, I said you could be a millionaire!!!<BR>
This is not  multi-level marketing or a pyramid scheme.<BR>
This is a real, legitimate business that has a proven track record of<BR>
success but does require a certain individual. You must have two<BR>
qualities-moderate people skills and a burning desire to be successful.<BR>
Call <B>1-618-355-1160</B>, leaving your name and phone number. I will get back<BR>
with you for a brief  3-5 minute interview.<BR>
Success is a matter of choice.<BR>
"the moment you commit and quit holding back, all sorts of unforeseen<BR>
incidents, meetings, and material assistance will rise up to meet you. The<BR>
simple act of commitment is a powerful magnet for success."<BR>

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