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Lothar Esser esser at
Sat Feb 10 12:01:17 EST 2001

"Richard P. Grant" wrote:

> (just realized that the subject line sounds dodgy - never mind (-: )
> It is possible to make 'rotating movies' of structural models by
> rendering an orientation iteratively and then importing all the single
> images into Quicktime Pro.  Is there an easier way?  Would POVRay's
> 'animation' feature help?
> I'm using MacOS9.1, Quicktime Pro, SwissPDBViewer, RasMol, POVRay and
> anything else I can get my hands on :).
> Cheers,
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Dear Dr. Grant,

  yes POVRay's animation feature can help very much if you can get a
molecular object in the style POVRay can understand. Then you can use the
clock variable to generate consecutive rotations. POVRay will generate a
set of images which can be converted into a movie.
For more information see POVRAY manual Section 4.10.6.
I have written a program the converts Molscript output into POVRay allowing
you also to do animations without Povray's animation feature. This was
necessary because MolScript objects are not complete - that is if you
rotate an object by too much you will see artifacts of 'hidden surface'
removal that MolScript did assuming you would be looking at this object
only from a particular angle.
If you want to see an example:

Rasmol has animation features as far as I know but I have never used it.
VMD allows you do animations as well.

Hope this helps,

  L. Esser.

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