Making movies of models

Simon Andrews simon.andrews at
Tue Feb 13 04:25:31 EST 2001

"Richard P. Grant" wrote:
> (just realized that the subject line sounds dodgy - never mind (-: )
> It is possible to make 'rotating movies' of structural models by
> rendering an orientation iteratively and then importing all the single
> images into Quicktime Pro.  Is there an easier way?  Would POVRay's
> 'animation' feature help?
> I'm using MacOS9.1, Quicktime Pro, SwissPDBViewer, RasMol, POVRay and
> anything else I can get my hands on :).

Given the list of facilitates you have to work with I suggest you see
the tutorial at;

The link to the final animation is wrong in the page - it should read;

I meant to change this ages ago, but never got round to it!

Hope this helps



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