Making movies of models

Michael Simon mjssimon at
Mon Feb 19 02:07:49 EST 2001

Hello all.  I am a multimedia engineer who works at Lockheed Martin in
Denver, CO.  I have an undergrad degree in Biology, so I have an interest in
molecular modeling and molecular dynamics.  On the topic of animation.  I
have been in the process of writing molecular animation plug-ins and scripts
for a highend animation package called Maya for about two years.  I can
import PDB files, and apply some rudimentary dynamics so far, but the images
are high quality and raytraced.  Since I'm importing PDB data into a highend
animation package, I can do almost any special camera move, or object
rotation imaginable, plus special effects.  So, I guess I'm making an offer
to help anyone out with some nice graphics/animation and compression work if
needed.  Like I said, I'm very interested in this stuff, so please feel free
to contact me anytime.  Anyway, I've got some screen shots on my website in
the gallery area.  The site is:


Michael Simon
mjssimon at
michael.j.simon at

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