[ANNOUNCE] TTI Grand Opening: Need Number Crunching?

Kevin Van Workum vanw at cae.wisc.edu
Mon Jan 22 09:21:06 EST 2001

Tsunamic Technologies, Inc. (TTI) announces the grand opening of their low
cost, ONLINE and on-demand high performance computing services. Featuring
dedicated nodes, flexible online accounts, no setup or monthly fees, and
more. Apply for an account today.

Clusters of parallel alpha and 1GHz AMD processors are now available.
Download and compile your own code and run your simulations on our machines.
F77, F90, F95, C, C++ compilers are available. We can customize our network
for you specific needs.

Software Vendors: We can install your applications on our machines and
provide access to your customers for testing and/or licensing.

Kevin Van Workum
President and Founder
     Online pay per use parallel
  and serial FAST computers at:

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