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Thu May 30 04:21:12 EST 2002

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chemical engineer <sales at> wrote:
> is looking for an individual or individuals 
>to work on a voluntary basis.  
>You must have a background in chemical-engineering and unix.  
>You will need to help post articles write articles that 
>pertain to chemical informatics.  
>This would be a great hobby for a chemical engineering major or
>someone out in the field wanting to do some web design.
>Please send your resume to sales at
>M. Felzien
> is dedicated to bringing free software 
>to the chemical informatics arena.  Providing a resource for 
>the future of chemical informatics.

Companies willing to expand such activities seems more numerous
since two years. Although I worked 5 years in a company prducing
scientific softwares for chem/pharm industry, I produce freewares
since 15 years in my University (Fortran, unix). Time is a high-value
resource for me, so why spend it to your company ?

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