Patent Issues with Bacterial Expression Vectors/Systems

Bob xyzbbruner at
Fri Jan 24 21:41:05 EST 2003

On 24 Jan 2003 14:48:57 -0800, warmoon at (warmoon) wrote:

>Does anyone know of any bacterial expression vectors/systems that will
>be royalty-free for commercial production of proteins? How do I get
>around this patent infringement dreck?

Negotiate with those who put effort into making something useful. If
you have a product worth selling, paying something for the vector is
probably affordable. Remember, they have some incentive to reach a
"reasonable" agreement with you, too. If you don't make a profit,
neither do they. And if there are multiple possible suppliers of
usable vectors, competition drives the price down -- cuz you (and
others) bargain.


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