Molecular Modeler - NYC

Michael resumes at
Thu Mar 11 09:58:38 EST 2004

I am seeking a Molecular Modeler for a client located in New York
City.  Here is more information:

Candidates should have world-class credentials in computational
chemistry, biology, or physics, or in a relevant area of computer
science or applied mathematics, and must have unusually strong
research and software engineering skills. Relevant areas of experience
might include the computation of protein-ligand binding free energies,
molecular dynamics and/or Monte Carlo simulations of biomolecular
systems, application of statistical mechanics to biomolecular systems,
free energy perturbation methods- but specific knowledge of any of
these areas is less critical than exceptional intellectual ability and
a demonstrated track record of achievement. Current areas of activity
for the firm include structure- and ligand-based drug design, protein
structure determination through homology modeling, molecular mechanics
force field development, de novo drug design algorithms, and the
development of special-purpose hardware to accelerate computational
chemistry simulations.

This client will offer a very generous salary, stock options, sign on
bonus is possible, relocation, visa sponsorship/transfer, flexible
work schedule, great benefits, etc to qualified candidates. Please
send your resume (including list of publications, thesis topic, and
advisor, if applicable), along with a history of academic performance
(including GPAs as well as SAT, GRE, and other standardized test
scores) to resumes at

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