Power Canvassing March 23rd London - special recruiters one off seminar

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> What would it mean to your business if you or your team could make more confident, proactive sales calls...
> I am writing to you because you previously expressed an interest in sales seminars and sales development. I know that you will want to hear what I have to tell you... 
> Last week I met with Gavin Ingham and managed to secure a small number of places for a one-off POWER CANVASSING workshop that he's running in London to help salespeople and business owners to be more motivated, proactive and professional on the phone. This acclaimed seminar was a sell out every month for two years until Gavin decided to stop running it 9 months ago due to excessive repeat client commitments...
> "I really enjoyed the day, and learnt more about cold calling in one day than I have done in the last 5 years." 
> DP, Recruitment Client
> If you're one of the lucky few who manage to secure a place you will learn how to...
> *    Increase motivation, confidence and professionalism
> *    Stucture calls for ultimate control and success
> *    Differentiate your calls from the competition
> *    Never worry about objections and rejection again 
> *    And much, much more
> "Fantastic training session, really enjoyed it, but better still, spoke with 3 decision makers got 3 visits... strange at first but it works! Thanks again."
> ~ SK, Recruitment Client
> "I am writing to thank you for the excellent course you delivered last week. Since then, I have had a dramatic improvement in my cold call success rate, in fact, my first 3 calls resulted in 3 meetings!! I have also benefited from the ‘let it go’ philosophy! Thanks once again, I look forward to the next course!" 
> ~ DH, Senior Consultant, Recruitment Company
> Places are strictly limited so please don't shout if there are none left! 
> Recharge your team now call 0870 429 6093
> Thanks you!
> koach seminars
> p.s. If you book today I am going to throw in a free copy of Gavin's superb book Objections! Objections! Objections! straight off my own shelf!  
> p.s.s. How would you like your message to reach 27,000 UK recruiters? Call us for details!
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