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Tue Apr 12 19:11:07 EST 2005

Dear Friend,

My name is Mr Wu kwon from Kore aand I would like you
to guide me through the most viable investment opportunities in
your Country. Alternatively, I can invest in your line of
business if you are interested and if your line of business is

I am one of the defectors from the north and I am
currently residing in South Korea.I have been in this Country
for sometime now. Before defecting from the North, I was into
currency exchange business and I was always travelling to other parts of
Asia and Europe and during that period, I was able to move out my funds
and deposit it in a bank whose particulars I will make available
to you in the course of this transaction.

I want to invest this funds in your Country with your
help and advice because we are being treated as foreigners
here. A lot of defectors now go on to Canadaor the United States
and some parts of Europe to live.

For more details, please see the following websites;

I want you to send me a complete breakdown of the
investment opportunities in your Country and also let me know
What exactly I need to do to enable you invest the funds for me in
your Country.If interested, you will have to provide an account for
receiving the investment funds. I will then come over to your
Country after you receive the funds and work out the investment plans
with you.


Mr Wu kwon.



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