[Molecular-modelling] Re: Database for protein folded structures

Andreas Baumgartner via molmodel%40net.bio.net (by andax At bluemail.ch)
Wed Nov 15 21:12:59 EST 2006

hi sushilee

Have you tried a boolean metasearch like, for example, this one?


I had a eye on it, but i didn't find something yet. Anyway, in my humble opinion your are a bit brief. Maybe a database like SIMAP can help you?
SIMAP is a public database containing the similarity space formed by about all amino-acid sequences from public databases and completely sequenced genomes.



On Wed, 15 Nov 2006 14:27:47 -0800
Sushilee Ranganathan <s_ranganathan At pacific.edu> wrote:

> I am currently searching for a database that has the partly folded  
> structures of proteins (of course, the most important intermediate  
> structures) with coordinates, for a friend. I entered this mailing  
> list intending to follow up on a message sent out in 1995, when a  
> similar question was posted. Could anybody help me out on this?
> sushilee

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