[Molecular-modelling] Re: protein graft, pdb cleanup

Raoul Fleckman via molmodel%40net.bio.net (by raoul.fleckman At gmail.com)
Mon Nov 27 01:27:32 EST 2006

On 2006-11-27, Raoul Fleckman <raoul.fleckman At gmail.com> wrote:
> On 2006-11-27, wkadlo <gkowadlo At gmail.com> wrote:
>   # ----  here alter stuff with the fields (most likely: $asn and $rsn)
>   #
>   # for example, if the unchanging part of the protein ends with its
>   # final residue number ($rsn) equal to 197, then you want to replace
>   # the $rsn below with "$rsnx++" and initialize it before the above
>   # "while(<>) {" with "my $rsnx = 198" 
>   # ... and quite similarly for the atom sequence number ($asn)

bad form replying to myself... but the residue number needs to be set as
an increment not on each line as i indicated here, but rather as an
offset of whatever the input is: "$rsn += xxx"; where "xxx" will change
to old residue sequence number to one beyond the last one seen in the
constant part of the protein listing.  ...sorry about that.  again, good

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