Does this group have a charter yet?

Eric J. Forbis forb0004 at
Tue Aug 31 02:09:13 EST 1993

In article <25u8tnINNhvn at darkstar.UCSC.EDU> nathan at (Nathan J. Wilson) writes:

>My site just notified me of this group and I am really excited by it!
>I've been studying fungi as a hobby for about 20 years now and am
>involved in several NAMA affiliated groups as well as NAMA itself.
>I'm a computer scientist and I've been working on some ideas for using
>computers in various ways to assist mycologists and would like to
>discuss such issues with other interested parties.  Is this an
>appropriate forum for that?

Certainly sounds like it to me, though I'm not a mycologist. Will discussions 
of practical mycology be welcome here, as for example tips on growing 
morchella esculenta? 


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