I'll wait for the word

Alan Bleasby ajb at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk
Tue Aug 31 17:18:11 EST 1993


No problem and  no blame. The reason we  say `Group not available'  is
that we have to accommodate people who, through no fault of their own,
have   no NEWS  connection.   Unless  we  set  up   the  NEWS->email &
email->NEWS feeds [and, incidentally, send test messages to ensure all
is  working properly] your  potential audience is  not as  great as it
could be. Another  reason is that we prefer  a charter to be posted so
that no posting such as "I have bad athlete's foot, what powder do you
recommend?" is accepted  as desirable. Things  seem technically OK  at
the moment but, if  you prefer a wide  audience, please hold on  until
you see the `official' announcement.


Alan Bleasby
BIOSCI Manager

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