Novozyme reports

Craig Wilson FGSC at UKANVM.bitnet
Mon Dec 13 18:52:42 EST 1993

We periodically get questions about availability and quality of Novozyme.
It seems lot-to-lot variability of the product remains high.
We heard today from Lisa Vaillancourt at the U of Vermont that one shipment
from Cal Biochem was of low quality and another worked well.

A call to another supplier (see below) yielded a report that the lot they
currently handle (PPM 4356) is working well, according to information they
have received from customers.

This supplier's address is:

InterSpex Products Inc.
11558 Chess Dr. , Suite 114
Foster City, CA 94404
Phone 415-570-4337
FAX 415-570-5215

With the high concentration of Novozyme users reading this group,
and the variability of the product, it would be a useful exercise to
report here whatever experience you have recently had with Novozyme.
Suppliers and numbers of lots both good and bad should be information
read with interest by many people.

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