C2H4 from pathogens for purpose of competition

Eric B Peterson do377 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Thu Nov 11 03:11:43 EST 1993

     In my search for information on hormonal interactions 
between fungal pathogens and plant hosts I found some information
that I find rather interesting.  In the book Fungal Pathogenicity
and the Plant's Response, proceedings of a symposium held at Long
Ashton research Station, is a discussion between Professor
Stahmann and Dr. Beyersbergen of a fungus-plant patholgical
system where both produce ethylene.  The ethylene results in 
greater resistance of the plant to new infections, but the
established pathogen seems to keep ahead of the plant and is not
harmed. (oops, c. date of above book is 1973, symposium 1971)
     This looks to me as if it might be an interesting means 
for the fungus to get ahead in competition, reducing the chance
that another pathogen might also attack the plant.
     Does anyone have any information or opinions in this area?
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