Mitotic stability of transformants

David H. Griffin griffin at
Thu Nov 18 12:22:15 EST 1993

Newsgroups: bionet.mycology
Subject: Mitotic stability of transformants
Distribution: world
Organization: Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
Keywords:filamentous fungi, single and multiple transformants

I am looking for information on the relative mitotic stabilities of singly
integrated genes vs multiple integrants. Multiple integrants of either
multisite integrations or tandemly duplicated integrants are of
interest.Balance mentions this in his 1991 review, but cites no specific
data. Also, I am aware of Selker's work on RIP in N.crassa related to
meiotic instability. I am looking specifically for mitotic stability
problems.Does anyone know of any published data on differential
stabilities of these kinds of transformants, or
have any unpublished observations that they would be willing to share.
Thanks, David Griffin [e-mail griffin at

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