Forays/ppl north of Philly?

Dominic Ryan ryan at phu198
Wed Oct 6 13:11:23 EST 1993

Once upon a time I had access to a group of people, amateur mycologists
with a bent for consuming them, when I lived in other cities, particularly
'back home' in Canada.  I now live in Pottstown, that's north and slightly
west of Philadelphia.  I have made various inquiries with local colleges
and the county extension and anyone that I can think of.  Basically I came
up empty.  

Is there *anyone* out there that knows of a group or would be interested
in getting together to form such a group?  If you are in the area check a
map to get some idea of how far away might be feasable, but I would guess
somewhere in about a 20 mile circle around Pottstown.  That would cover
parts of Montgomery, Chester, Berks and Lancaster counties and some of
Bucks to perhaps.  

If there is a group already going I would look farther afield that 20
miles for it, so please, if you know of anything, please e-mail me.  

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