Oyster Mushroom Reaction

Mon Oct 18 13:02:19 EST 1993

In <00973F27.CE666300 at Msu.oscs.montana.edu> aphrk at Msu.oscs.montana.edu writes:

> Hello:  I had a friend who ate a few "tree oyster mushrooms" raw and
> had a bad experience after ten minutes... vomiting, itching ears and
> throat, a feeling of "spaciness" etc.  She went to the hospital where
> the docs gave her a shot of antihistimine.  
> My question is... Though I suspect wild mushrooms are not meant to be
> eaten raw, was this a common response?  an allergic response? etc.
> Sorry, I do not have the latin name of the mushroom...bummer, eh?
> Thanks,  Robyn Klein

Apparently, the spores of tree oysters contain a powerful sensitizer which is
destroyed upon heating.  Simply being in a poorly ventilated room with the
fresh mushrooms has caused near-anaphalactiod shock in some people. 

I saw another follow-up where the poster was poisoned by  _Armilarellia Mellea_
group mushrooms. -They were lucky they only ate a couple of bites.

It is best to never eat raw mushrooms of _any_ species,  although I understand
_Fistulina Hepatica_ can be consumed in this manner. 

I always thought that mushrooms grew in butter and pepper? 


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