Sat Sep 11 13:53:03 EST 1993

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I will be teaching a mycology/plant pathogenic fungi course
this coming spring (Jan-May 94).  My goal for the laboratory is to
have the students (grads) compare traditional means of classification
(e.g. morphology) versus some DNA methodologies of classification 
(say ITS regions, sequence of 5s).  However, I am not a taxonomist by
any stretch of the imagination and I want to get other ideas from the
mycology community, especially if you think looking at the ITS regions
would be decent lab(s).  Any other suggestions?  
	Also, I have one other request:
	My current fungal stock is low (eg I only have a large selection of 
the genera which I research, the aspergilli and S. rolfsii).  
Do any of you have
 some fungi which may illustrate some classical morphological features 
which you can send me?  (like bitunicate asci, apothecia, zoospores, etc.).  
I would appreciate getting stocks of any fungi which may be useful in a class.
My address is:
	Nancy Keller
	Peterson Building
	Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology
	Texas A&M University
	College Station, TX  77843

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