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The 'Botanist' database provides the latest information
on experts and research in botany and mycology from all
over the world. It offers excellent opportunities to
create worldwide cooperation between researchers,
students etc.

The database has been developed at the University of
Oulu, Finland with the cooperation of the Department of
Botany and the Computer-centre and can be used free of
charge. It is stored in a micro computer called SANTA.

A. Instructions for connection

To use the database you will need a user code for any
computer connected to the Internet. If you are asked for
the terminal type, write 'vt100'.

1. Connecting to the SANTA (OULU.FI) computer:
     a) via Telnet: - The Internet address for the SANTA.OULU.FI
     - computer is
     b) the path via Gopher:
         - Europe/Finland (FUNET)/University of
         Oulu/Information in English/Libraries and
         Registers/Experts of Botany and Mycology
2. Connecting to the database:
     a) Type 'botanist' for login name
     b) Press enter
     c) When asked login, press enter to confirm the login name botanist
	You need no passwords.

In case of problems, please contact your local Computer-
centre first, and thereafter the contact person in Oulu,
Finland (see addresses below).

B.  Using the database

The experts are classified according to the main fields
of botany and mycology. One expert may belong to several
fields. Current fields include: All, Plant Systematics,
Geobotany, Plant Ecology, Ecophysiology, Plant
Physiology, Plant Anatomy, Plant Molecular Biology,

Searching for experts from the database can be done using
either the name of an expert or keywords. Be careful if
you need skandinavian letters (see help-text).

You can add your own name to the database with the aid of
a special register in the database. Information in the
database can be modified or deletied permanently from the
database only by the contact person in the department of
Botany at the University of Oulu. All requests concerning
changes or deletions must be sent to the contact person
at the University of Oulu (see the addresses below).

C. The contact persons

- updating:    Anne Jdkdldniemi 
               Department of Botany 
               University of Oulu
               FIN-90570 Oulu
               fax. +358 81 553 1500
               E-mail: Anne.Jakalaniemi at

- software applications:
               Paavo Moilanen          fax. +358 81 362 183
               Computer-centre         E-mail: Paavo.Moilanen at
               University of Oulu
               FIN-90570 Oulu

from amj at

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