Does anyone know what/who MYCONET is?

Christian Smith czs at
Fri Sep 17 18:34:54 EST 1993

Nathan J. Wilson (nathan at wrote:

: Our local fungus group just got a subscription notice for what looks
: like a new BBS called MYCONET.  The weird thing is that it is
: apparently being run out of Campbell, Ca (which I pass on my way to
: work), but I have no idea who is setting it up.  The subscription
: notice is a little weird in that it has no human names, and says that
: a modest subscription fee would be required, but doesn't say what the
: amount is.

: Any clues?

Weird, a BBS devoted to saprophytes?  Even weirder the people who set it
up?  Of course.  I should know since I am one of them.  My name is 
Christian and if you dial in to Myconet at (408)866-9247 you can find
out all about Myconet and the people who put it together.  Please take
a moment to tell us about yourself in the introductions conference
while you are on.  Salud.


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