bionet.mycology - Greetings from Georgia

Thu Sep 23 23:48:39 EST 1993

In <9309232209.AA10168 at> ralph_dean at QUICKMAIL.CLEMSON.EDU writes:

>                       Subject:                              Time:  5:58 PM
>   OFFICE MEMO         bionet.mycology                       Date:  9/23/93
> To whom it may concern: I am unable to see the mycology group in bionet on my
> newsreader.  I have no idea why not because I can see all the other groups
> listed in bionet.  Has anyone else been having this problem?  I can read bionet
> over the GOPHER system, but of course I can not reply.  I beleive we get our
> news feed from Georgia Tech, but I dont know if they are having a problem or
> not.  Please let me know if you have any information.  Thanks, Ralph A. Dean

	Hi Ralph, good to see y'a on the screen. Greetings from Athens.
	By the way, I have no clue whats going on with your newsreader.
	Best wishes

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