Permeant vital stains for yeasts

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: >    An industry client has an urgent need of a permeant vital
: >    stain for Saccharomyces cerevisiae and other yeasts.  Their
: >    John Bissett

: An excellent source for a large variety of dyes is a company called  
: Molecular Probes (Eugene, Oregon).  A group of dyes you should consider  
: are the potentiometric cyanine dyes, some of which report the energization  
: of the mitochondrial membrane and which are easily measured with  
: fluorescence microscopy. Others may report pH of the cytosol.  One of  
: these which works really well for fungi is DiOC7(3), the full name of  
: which either Molecular Probes or I can provide, if necessary. If  
: autofluorescence remains a problem with your measurements, this could be  
: subtracted by treatment of the yeast cell samples with CCCP or DCCD. 

: Hope this helps.

: R. Brambl
	You might also check out a paper on vital staining using Nitro
blue Tetrazolium, by G. Schaffer in Mycorrhiza 4: 29-35 (1993). lewis

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