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Luc Simon lsimon at alnus.for.ulaval.ca
Tue Apr 5 14:56:05 EST 1994

In article <2n9f50$7aa at nermal.cs.uoguelph.ca>, jdoherty at uoguelph.ca (John
Doherty) wrote:

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> This is an official reqest for discussion on the formation of a new
> newsgroup to be tentatively called sci.bio.mycorrhizae. It would deal with
> all aspects of mycorrhizal relationships and would be intended to
> facilitate information exchange between researchers and other interested
> parties.
> Please post any comments to this thread and/or news.announce.newgroups.

Dear John,

Even if I would very much like to read news dealing with mycorrhizae, I
think that the creation of a new group, especially in the sci.bio hierarchy
is the way to go. Why not instead invest the already existing
bionet.mycology newsgroup? The traffic is still low in this group, and I
suggest that the creation of a mycorrhizae-specific newsgroup be deferred
until the number of postings to the bionet.mycology newsgroup justifies
spliting it up.

Another advantage of using the bionet hierarchy is that we can then benefit
from their archiving and support services.

Luc Simon
Universite Laval
Sainte-Foy, Que

lsimon at rsvs.ulaval.ca

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