Portobello Mushrooms

Mike Smith msmith at discover.wright.edu
Sun Apr 10 11:28:13 EST 1994

Bob Lucas (rnlucas+ at cs.cmu.edu) wrote:

: I believe this is the grown-up version of agaricus bisporus.  We also
: had trouble finding it; Mushroom Magazine did a little article on it.
: I haven't checked any spore basidia to see if it is actually "bi".

: Elizabeth Barrow (using Bob's account)

This is my first itme posting to this group. I've been reading for a
little while now.  I am a mushroom "hobbyist" if you will. I don't own
a microscope or know one reagent from another. Just like to look at,
photograph, and occasionally eat the fleshy fungi. The above response
caught my eye. What is "Mushroom Magazine"?  Where and by whom is it
published?  Where can I get a sample copy?  Any info would be

Mike Smith   msmith at discover.wright.edu

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