Portobello Mushrooms

Bob Lucas rnlucas+ at cs.cmu.edu
Sun Apr 10 10:51:08 EST 1994

In article <cottrill.765525684 at newshub.ccs.yorku.ca>,
Ed Cottrill <cottrill at nexus.yorku.ca> wrote:
>    Last week I bought some of these at a supermarket.  I can't find "
>portobello" in any of my refernce books.  Could anyone tell me the 
>scientific name of this fungus?  Is it a type of agaricus mushroom?

I believe this is the grown-up version of agaricus bisporus.  We also
had trouble finding it; Mushroom Magazine did a little article on it.
I haven't checked any spore basidia to see if it is actually "bi".

Elizabeth Barrow (using Bob's account)

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