Rene Thirion thirion at
Sun Apr 10 11:54:38 EST 1994

My mothers home has been invaded by a strange and as yet unidentifiable
mold (we think) spores of some kind.  My brother, who was a landscaper
some ten years ago, had a load of mulch - ground up tree bark, etc dumped
on my mother's driveway for disemination to various job sites. The mulch
had been "imported" from southern Virginia we believe. It was excessively
The mulch sat on her driveway for ten days. As family members walked around
it they would later find their legs stinging. They removed what appear to be
ground pepper-like "things" from their skin. The "things" were black most
often, but at some stage of their development they are a lighter color. My
family members would often have a difficult time removing them from their
skin. But a damp paper towel would remove them. They seem to move toward
sources of moisture. They seem to be electrostatically - charged. Family
members have placed them in closed jars. Nothing happened. Then they add
a damp cotton ball and they begin to multiply dramatically, moving from
what seems to be a "black-stage" to white, them possibly a back to a black
stage. (I say "possibly" because it is difficult to be sure in non-lab
My mother has been laughed at and ridiculed by so-called health care
professionalsMy mother has been laughed at and ridiculed by so-called
professionals who
think she is imagining these "things". I've seen them, as have other family
members. They get into her eyes at night. As I said, they seek out moisture
so it can be easily imagined the problems they cause my 75 year old mother.
She has taken them to a biology lab at Univ. of MD, where they said only
they appear to be alive, electrically charged, possibly mold spores.
Can anyone help?

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