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... I am a mushroom "hobbyist" if you will. I don't own
>a microscope or know one reagent from another. Just like to look at,
>photograph, and occasionally eat the fleshy fungi. The above response
>caught my eye. What is "Mushroom Magazine"?  Where and by whom is it
>published?  Where can I get a sample copy?  Any info would be

Microscopes (and reagents) are often very useful when you're trying to
identify a mushroom, although spore prints and a magnifying glass are
often enough.

For information on subscribing to "Mushroom" (Mushroom the Journal, actually)

	Box 3156
	University Station
	Moscow, Idaho  83843

Sorry, I couldn't find a phone number.  They tend to concentrate
macroscopic fungi, so you might find it more useful than some of
the more technical mycological publications.

- Elizabeth Barrow (using Bob's account)

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