Almost Morel time!

Sherri Matis matis at
Wed Apr 20 09:11:03 EST 1994

Sorry guys but I can't resist gloating.

After a few years of foraging in western Pa. and finding only enough M. esulenta
for 2 or 3 decent meals, I finally hit pay dirt.

for the last 2 weekends I have picked over 300, big ones, small ones, even a Verpa.
On the last hunt we had stiff competion and we still found over 100.

Mostly smaller varieties were found on the first week M. deliciosa (sic), and black morels,
some smaller esculenta. The 2nd week the esculenta were much larger, 10-15 cms.

I think the season may be about over down here, but it should be starting very soon in Pa.
I always found giant ones about the 2nd week in may in Pa. and we are at least a month
ahead down here.

And, I gave part of the bounty away to friends and family

Happy hunting,

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