Taxy 0.01 (bug fix)

Nathan J. Wilson nathan at
Wed Apr 20 17:43:01 EST 1994

Taxy 0.01 is now available for anonymous ftp from:
in the directory:  tmp/taxy

I've reorganized the files a little bit, so if you're confused look at
the file:  tmp/taxy/README

This release is just a bug fix of version 0.0.  Here's a list of fixed
bugs in both the program and the associated databases.  Also a list of
known bugs that are still in the system (nothing that should get in anyone's

Fixed bugs:
If you give a multi-word value for the preferred value for Common Name
      they get entered as separate alternates
In add mode you need to add a comma after ? in order to lookup help on
      a particular subject.
Members fields doesn't get set correctly.  Don't worry about it for now.
Can't leave feature blank in add mode after you request help.
Changing the value of an inactive feature does not properly activate the
      features above it.
Float range features always get reset to the range 0-0

Known Bugs:
New feature values should go in the right place immediately, rather than
	waiting for save and reload.  This will be fixed in the next major
Can't have people with the same canonical full name.  Fixing this is kind of
	hairy and will have to wait for the next major release

Changes from 0 to 1 of deep.db and features.db:
Canalliculate -> Canaliculate
Corruate -> Corrugate
Glabrose -> Glabrous
bifurcate -> Bifurcate
ApicalPort -> ApicalPore
Gills margin distinctive -> Gill margin distinctive
Umbillicate -> Umbilicate
GlClOd was a term feature is now an alias feature
GlMrCl was a term feature is now an alias feature
LtClCh was a term feature is now an alias feature

The following typos used to be canonical values so are still supported as
typos so databases still load correctly:


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