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szachari szachari at
Fri Apr 22 09:05:04 EST 1994

    I recently came from India on immigration visa and trying to
establish in USA. I have considerable experience in mycological research
work especially in microfungi. At present I am working as a visiting
scholar in the Biology Department of Indiana University with Dr.Keith Clay.
I am interested in any research positions that deals with fungi, their
taxonomy, culture work, illustration , painting,etc. 

My brief Curriculum vitae:

Simon Zachariah,Department of Biology, Indiana University,

Age:42.  Qualifications: Ph.D.(Soil Fungi) University of Calicut (India)

Publications: 10 (Most of them in Mycologia)

Membership: Life- Indian Botanical society
            Life- Mycological Society of India
            Life- Indian Society of Mycology and Plant Pathology
                  Indian Phytopathological Society
                  Mycological Society of America

Projects accomplished: 1.Principal Investigator of the Project:Soil
                         Flora of Nilambur Teak wood plantations
                         (Fully Financed by the University Grants 
                          Commission India)

                       2.Principal Investigator of the Project:Soil
                         Fungi of Nilambur Rubber plantations
                         (Fully financed by the Department of Science 
                          and Technology Kerala State.)

Teaching Experience: Head of the Department of Botany, Mar Thoma College 
                     Chungathara  679334, Kerala, India. (For 12 years)


  I will be available in short notice.

                                 Contact me in my departmental address
or send an email.
                        Thank you in anticipation,

                                                    Simon Zachariah

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