Mushrooms in the tropics

C.W.Scott cws at
Sat Apr 23 13:50:43 EST 1994

There is much information available concerning the growing and eating of
temperate zone mushrooms but where can one find similar information for the

Specifically I am interested in the costal regions of North-Eastern Brasil
say 9 or 10 degrees south of the equator. I know things that look like
mushrooms or funghi do grow there (having seen some in a garden) but there
does not appear to be a culture of eating such things. Is this because all
such growths are poisonous, or is it because no-one ever got round to
finding out.

Any information, pointers to books/magazines/journals will be appreciated.

I am a gardener rather than a scientist so information presented from that
perspective would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Chris Scott

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