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>Hello Netters,
>    Since I am designing primers for PCR base on amino acid
>sequences, I would like to get some information about codon
>usage from Fusarium oxysporum.
>Does anybody out there have something like that or can point me 
>out in right direction.
>Ones I have heard about codon usage database, is that true?
>Thanks in advance,

If you are unable to get a pre-canned codon bias table for F.o. you might 
consider getting a copy of SEQAID- a freeware DNA analysis program- 
available on many popular Mo.Bi. software servers.  Then all you need 
are any of the known coding sequences from F.o.  You can then use  
SEQAID to build a codon bias table.  The table can be viewed, printed 
or used to analyze anonymous sequences for coding potential.

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