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>   We have recently mapped the 5' ends of two linked genes which are both
>involved in HC-toxin production in Cochliobolus carbonum.  These genes are
>transcribed from opposite DNA strands, and are only 412 bp apart.  Given the
>"average" size of filamentous fungal promoters, these genes are remarkably
>close together.  Does anyone know of other such close genes/promoters?  The
>only other example I know of is the qa cluster of N. crassa, and I think the
>closest genes in this cluster are c. 1 kb apart.
>  Thank you
>John Pitkin
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>Michigan State University
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The genes for ribosomal protein S24 and L46 are divergently transcribed 
and are less than 630 bp apart in S. cerevisiae.
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