Graduate Student Opportunities

Mon Aug 1 11:17:59 EST 1994

(FALL 1995)

We are looking for two Ph.D. students to study the molecular biology of 
fusiform rust of Southern pines.  Fusiform rust is the most costly tree disease 
in the Southeastern U.S. and is characterized by the formation of galls on 
loblolly and slash pines.  The fungus that causes this disease, Cronartium 
quercuum f. sp. fusiforme, has a complex and fascinating life cycle during 
which it produces five different types of spores and alternates between its two 
hosts, pine and oak.  Our long-term goals are to understand how C.q. 
fusiforme causes gall formation on pine and how it regulates the alternation 
of its growth on pine and oak.  We are also studying the genetic variation of 
C. q. fusiforme field populations.  

Ours is a supportive laboratory in which students are encouraged to work 
independently.  The University of Georgia provides an excellent environment 
for graduate studies in this area as it has strong research programs in 
genetics, microbiology, plant sciences and forest resources.  In general, 
minimum requirements are a M.Sc. degree or previous lab experience, a GPA 
of 3.3 or above, and a GRE score of 1200 or higher.  

If you are potentially interested in such a position, please contact Dr. Sarah 
F. Covert, Warnell School of Forest Resources, University of Georgia, Athens, 
GA 30602; 706-542-1205; COVERT at BSCR.UGA.EDU

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