Look-alikes for Amanita caesarea?

Chuck Henkel csh at eos.ncsu.edu
Mon Aug 1 20:04:23 EST 1994

I was out hunting mushrooms yesterday at a spot here in the Triangle
region of North Carolina. I came across many patches of what I took to
be Amanita caesarea (A. umbonata?) growing in pine/mixed woods.

These are very beautiful and distinctive mushrooms. But I'm curious
just *how* distinctive: are there look-alikes for this mushroom? Which
specific name is preferred? 

Since the mushrooms I found are definitely Amanitas of some sort, I
obviously have no intention of consuming them. I'm just trying to get
a feel for the degree of confidence I can have in identifying a

I also came across *many* patches of what must be Cantharellus
cinnabarinus. Are these as delectable as their more popular cousin?

Chuck Henkel
NCSU Nuclear Engineering

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