mycorrhizal fungi

Lewis Melville lmelvill at
Wed Aug 10 08:06:32 EST 1994

: Can anyone help me with information about mycorrhizal fungi and symbionts.
: I have not been able to access databases without specific scientific
: names. If any one can provide a list of known mycorrhizae or info on 
: a specific text r/t this subject I would be very appreciative.
	Harley and Smith (1983) have a good survey book.
 There are thousands of publications and scores of books.
Just for starters look up Pisolithus tinctorius, Cenococcum geophilum, 
Laccaria laccata or L. bicolor.
For authors try S.E. Smith, J. Trappe, D. Marx, B. Mosse (VAM), J. Harley.
For journals try: Mycorrhiza, or any of the major botanical journals, or 
Transactions of the British Mycological Society etc.etc.

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