Mushroom forays

fgrun fgrun at
Thu Aug 11 00:38:23 EST 1994

To all Fungophiles,

A small group of us from NYC has been out almost every weekend since
April into NJ, NY and southern CT.

It was a very poor year for us as far as morels were concerned -
nothing compared to last year's bonanza. The Winecap Stropharia were
also disappointing.

However, since about 3 weeks ago the chanterelles have been
unbelievable. Black trumpets peaked at the beginning of August. I think
you'll have to go further north (Albany and beyond) now for sizable
quantities. I personally picked 8 lbs that weekend. The small
chanterelle, yellow footed and cinnabar-reds are currently everywhere
in southern CT/Westchester county. Also found a nice patch of large
smooth chanterelles this past weekend - mmmm.
A friend of mine came back with 4 crates of the normal yellows this
week from upstate NY but he ain't telling where. SORRY (?) He also
turned up with 65 lbs of assorted boletes with a lot of black velvets
and two coloreds mixed in there. Personnally I've gotten a fair number
of the sulfur yellow bolete and suillus species up in the Gunks. These
seem to be most resistant to maggot attack ! Look for them along stream
valleys especially if there are hemlocks or other coniferous trees.
Other than these I found my first chicken mushroom (L. sulphureus) this
week. Should be a good year for them. Can't wait for the Hens. Someone
let me know if you find any (and where!).

Of other interest - I've succeeded in sterilely cloning and expanding
Chicken mushroom and Black Trumpet spawn on nutrient agar plates. The
black trumpet spawn is very aggressive - it's takes about 3 days to
crawl out of the petri-dish ! I'm going to try seeding some out this
month. Does anyone have any experience or success in doing this ? I'll
keep you posted of the results (probably not before next year) if it

If you want to find out more, come by Nimrod's (70th St bwt.1st and
York, NYC). Just ask for Wolfgang. We may be willing to share some info
or maybe something more substantial for the appetite.

Happy hunting! Felix GrŸn  fgrun at

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